The accounting firm for entrepreneurs

Our Story

Advice Accounting is an accounting firm for entrepreneurs. All of our management team have extensive successful entrepreneurial backgrounds from a wide variety of industries. We do know that you didn’t set up your business to spend much time on administration work. Therefore, we really do understand the importance of removing most of your administrative burden that kills the majority of successful entrepreneurships by automating the way you organise your paperwork. We really do understand the importance of timely relevant Advice, up-to-date information displayed with regular frequent intervals. As for any entrepreneurial start-up we do understand the importance of this service being provided at a reasonable cost.

This revolution in one of the world’s most old fashioned industries is brought to you by entrepreneurs with more than 15 years’ experience in the accounting, tax and IT industry.

We want to change your perception of accounting firms and your entire customer experience in this industry. We intend to do this by simplifying access to key persons, providing you with bespoke simplified mobile reporting interfaces. Our first Swedish office is based right in the centre of Stockholm, where your accountant will always be happy to meet you. Your business consultants are always available online to answer your queries or talk over the phone.

Advice Accounting is part of Aston Group, an international group founded in 1999 operating in a number of European countries providing, accounting, tax and corporate services to small- and medium sized businesses. Advice Accounting obtained its first license to operate as an accounting firm in 2012 and launched a brand new platform for entrepreneurs in 2015. The inspiration behind launching Advice comes from a desire to help more entrepreneurs succeed and at the same time realising that the accounting industry is the last bastion standing in need of a real revamp to meet the demands of the new online based business world.


Just like our name, Advice, our principle aim is to help and guide you where needed. Sometimes you do not need any of our services, but experience has thought us that everyone needs some Advice from time to time. We encourage all our team of accountants and business consultants to think like entrepreneurs, and constantly strive to innovate within a traditionally conservative industry. We want you to think of us as a helping hand through the life cycle of your business, adding value at every stage, and not just being another impersonal service provider.

What makes us different?

We want to simplify your start-up process as an entrepreneurs. More specifically, we want to relieve entrepreneurs of all administration and accounting burdens and work with small businesses from the start-up phase right through to growth and ultimately exit strategies. We truly believe entrepreneurs should concentrate on building a business, not worrying about the administration.

Our Business Concept

Automation of all accounting services that can be automated. Spending time on providing guidance and Advice to our clients instead of charging them for chasing lost invoices and receipts. We work with the best available industry technology to automate and simplify the customer experience. Our goal is to make accounting and administration both easy to set-up and maintain.

Our Vision

Empowering entrepreneurs!

Our Mission

Empowering entrepreneurs to spend their time on the things they love.


Online access to all files and client areas 24/7 through a secure interface.

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