Lars Beitnes, on behalf of Advice Accounting Group, is happy to announce the group’s expansion into the Swedish accounting market. Advice Accounting have experienced huge success in both the UK and Norway. The time has come for the group to expand further east.

We see a clear trend in more outsourcing of functions not being part of a company’s core business. Accounting services are rated among the top-three services to outsource. It is such a huge risk for a small company to have their own accountants in-house. The industry is developing very fast and it’s very hard for an in-house accountant to stay on top of the complex rules that are constantly being changed. The accounting systems are getting more and more complex and expensive to maintain. A company’s exposure to one single individual turning sick is enormous. All these potential issues from an in-house perspective are never any problems for a professional accounting firm.

“I am convinced that the majority of companies need a professional accountant, not for the day today paperwork, but for structuring and regular advice”, says Beitnes. The accountants can’t continue to spend 50 % of the time invoiced to their client chasing lost receipts and invoices. That process should be structured and automated through Advice Accounting’s unique app. The services provided by our accountants should be based on providing specialist advice. Through this approach Advice Accounting seeks to reduce accounting costs and ultimately increase your profits. We look at ourselves as being your outsourced accounting department. Hence our company name is Advice Accounting!

Advice Accounting’s new office is located at Kungsgatan 10, 111 43 Stockholm. Contact the office at or call +46 (0) 8-122 041 50.

About Advice Accounting

Advice Accounting is the accounting firm for entrepreneurs. All of our management team have extensive successful entrepreneurial backgrounds from a wide variety of industries. We want to change your perception of accounting firms and your entire customer experience in this industry. This revolution is brought to you in one of the world’s most old fashioned industries by entrepreneurs with more than 15 years’ experience in the accounting, tax and IT industry. Advice Accounting is part of Aston Group, an international group founded in 1999 operating in a number of European countries providing, accounting, tax and corporate services to small and medium sized businesses. Advice Accounting obtained its first license to operate as an accounting firm in 2012 and launched a brand new platform for entrepreneurs in 2015.